For those who are thinking about or have removed their child from the state or private system -

We offer a realistic alternative to school with a more home-based feel and a more flexible "small-group" approach; which can be combined with home-based learning from you.

  • Perhaps you desire an alternative to traditional school-based learning?

  • Perhaps you are now considering home education and don't know where to start or just need a little bit of assistance?

  • Or do you feel your child would be better supported in a flexi-schooling set-up?

And if you are already homeschooling -

To enrich your homeschooling programme - integrating different learning styles and multiple intelligences can enhance children's strengths. Children benefit from learning a new skill using differing approaches.

To supplement your homeschooling programme - helping you challenge a gifted child or offer support in subjects your child finds more challenging.

To complement your homeschooling programme - in subjects in which your child feels less comfortable. Some subjects don't come easily and become a barrier to moving forward.

To enhance  your homeschooling programme across a transitional stage - As children grow parents often find themselves dealing with new educational obstacles and with new and different sources of advice and support. 

And to assist. Do you have children at different stages of their learning journey? While home education creates extremely close bonds between siblings (something we have found); there are times when brothers and sisters struggle to study together for a whole variety of reasons which are often difficult to understand.

Or... is your homeschool dream just a reality because you work part-time? 

And a little bit about our daughters' journey in education -

We originally put our own children into the state system. This was however, quite difficult for us. We had just spent the last ten years working in some very vibrant international schools and settings. There, we had the opportunity to learn about and embrace new cultures and meet teachers and students from all over the world. Our experiences are numerous and some are difficult to put into words. The travel opportunities were also endless but gave us a good work-life balance. And working with international educators was a truly rewarding experience. It has made a powerful and positive impact on our lives. Back in the U.K. we felt the state system failed our children for many reasons but principally because it just didn't suit them and their needs. We also felt that there was too much emphasis on teaching for S.A.T.s, too much time-wasting and not enough real-life intervention.

Our approach to, and our reasons for setting up Learn4Life may not suit everyone. And we completely understand this. We have great respect for, and have had the opportunity to meet, some really inspirational parents who give enormous consideration to their children's education. For those who already home educate, it requires great motivation. To us it's all about child-centred learning, which is family orientated and provides a broad-based learning experience.

We would like to welcome you to Learn4Life. Please feel free to browse through our website and ask any questions. If you wish to find out more about the services we offer, please contact us on 07599 456747 or email:


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