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At Learn4Life there is no uniform, there is no clanging of bells, there is no us and them. We make decisions together, we value each other as physical and emotional beings. At Learn4Life we go beyond traditional kinds of learning, we integrate the academic with learning the art of living - focusing on sensitivity, open-mindedness, and self-reflection. Unfortunately, too often, these things are ignored in schools.  Our very small classes mean that there is time for personal attention and the space and freedom for individual expression.

A message from Kathryn.

We are pleased to provide those visiting our site with information about our educational establishment. Good communication is very important to us. Homeschooling may be one of the most rewarding things you do for your child. Full-time school does not suit every child, and there are many good reasons to teach at home. Whatever your reason, we offer sessions personalised to your child's specific needs and abilities, PLUS all the educational materials, saving you the time researching resources and all the worry of planning. In essence, if you are looking for a compromise between full-time home-educating and full-time schooling, Learn4life may be the right place for your child.

So, a little bit about Learn4Life. Learn4Life.Solutions in Ashurst Wood, West Sussex, officially opened its doors September 2017 in Ashurst Wood and moved to the larger premises of East Court Mansion, East Grinstead in October 2018. As a form of alternative schooling, we exist independently, with a curriculum tailored to your child's needs. We provide programmes of study, classes and workshops primarily in the core subjects of Maths and English, conducted by an outstanding team of tutors. Our sessions include small group learning so that your child receives the attention they need. Each of our young learners enjoys a "hands-on" experience with differentiated sessions. We teach our workshops and classes either through blocks or through a more relaxed natural thematic approach. Our aim is to educate the whole child, not just the mind, in a home-from-home environment, cultivating good habits and where children incorporate living and inspiring thoughts and ideas into conversations; and where we address their changing needs and develop in them a sense of responsibility for the world and for the people who inhabit it. We enrich our academic approach through the arts, where possible.  And most importantly, we place emphasis on fun and interactivity; promoting thinking.

At Learn4Life everyone can work at their own pace and in their own time; importantly, we understand that children have different learning and thinking styles as everyone is different – with different approaches to life that affect their learning.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Kathryn Brown



KATHRYN BROWN B.A (Ed) (Hons) (Cantab)

Kathryn went to Tanbridge House School and Collyers Sixth Form College in Horsham before going on to read Music and Education at Cambridge University. Kathryn embarked on her career at Halstead Preparatory School, Woking before spending time abroad working at Dover Court Preparatory School, Singapore as Director of Music. Since then she has worked in various overseas Preparatory Schools and in the U.K. Currently, she is completing a Masters Degree in Law (distance-learning) and was awarded the prize for Foundations of Public Law. 

Why Learn4Life?

To enrich your homeschooling programme - integrating different learning styles and multiple intelligences can enhance children's strengths. Children benefit from learning a new skill using differing approaches.

To supplement your homeschooling programme - helping you challenge your gifted child, or offering support with a subject your child finds more challenging.

To complement your homeschooling programme - in subjects in which your child feels less comfortable. Some subjects don't come easily and become a barrier to moving forward.

To enhance your homeschooling programme across a transitional stage - As children grow parents often find themselves dealing with new educational obstacles.

And to assist. Do you have children at different stages of their learning journey? While home schooling creates extremely close bonds between siblings (something we have found); sometimes brothers and sisters struggle to study together for a whole variety of reasons which are often difficult to understand.

Or... is your homeschool dream just a reality because you work part-time? 

Something for the parents.

At Learn4Life we engage with our parents in a variety of ways. We believe it is vital to provide feedback. We offer the parents the option of speaking with us about their child's day and asking any questions. If the opportunity for interaction is limited, we provide feedback over email, where necessary. Each week we provide a virtual window into our classroom - by connecting with families on Facebook. Our weekly blog keeps parents informed about what's been happening while showcasing and scaffolding student's work. Twice yearly, we invite parents into the classroom and we put on a small presentation, including a certificate ceremony at the end of the summer term.

What others say...

Kathryn and Steve have brought alive their vision of a safe, nurturing and, exciting option for home-schooled children. The website is clear and informative, and Kathryn is always efficient in answering inquiries about the school. Having previously worked with Kathryn in another school setting, I know how dedicated and committed she is to providing an excellent education and fulfilling experience for children. I am sure Learn4life will benefit many children and their families.

Teacher, Surrey. 

My daughter and I came for a trial morning today and wow! She finds it hard to engage and takes a while to warm up normally but very quickly she felt very comfortable and was happily joining in. She can't wait to make it a regular thing so we will be back! Highly recommended.

Parent, East Grinstead.