Have you been you concerned in the past with large class sizes, learning based on absorption of facts, a parrot-fashion emphasis on learning and a formal approach to learning with the pressure of testing?

This is our promise to you.

Providing an education which promotes cultural literacy, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.

Responsibility, where global citizens work and learn together.

Organised, small tutor style  groups (5/10 pupils per group).

Maths and Language using a "hands on" programme adapted to promote healthy thinkers and learners; where pupils take charge of their own learning.

Individualised approaches, home-from-home atmosphere, attending to every child's individual needs.

Supportive, one-to-one guidance where necessary.

Ensuring that all pupils develop a positive mindset, in a safe and secure environment, where they only study what they will use again, so there's no time wasting.

We make use of different styles of teaching.

(i)   Learning the basics - Maths and Language - using a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach where necessary (Bruner).
(ii)   Reinforcing what has been learned, through practical, everyday topic work - teaching through a topic or theme, and where possible, in an interactive and holistic way that reflects the real world. Our experience shows that organising units around themes helps children to see how subjects are both independent and interdependent, enabling them to see "the big picture" of their learning.
(iii)  Encouraging interactive problem-solving and collaborating among small groups.
(iv)  Providing opportunities for children to learn from children from other groups or with a different member of staff.

Obviously, learners attending regularly will see greater benefit from this curriculum as well as our teaching methods. Why? Our approach involves our learners focusing on "learning through the basics" through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach (where necessary) and then extending this learning by reinforcement through practical, everyday topic work. Being flexible however, we are able to develop personalised programmes (which at first, may favour a particular learning style) for your child - once we have completed an initial informal assessment of them.

We feel that learning should be entrenched by revisiting skills learned in a spiral system of ever growing sophistication. Based on a continuous spiral of reinforcement, where the same subject is approached in a different way,  means that the most able learners will be continually challenged while those who are struggling will be able to revisit areas of knowledge to gain a better understanding of the subject matter. We will however, remain flexible in our styles of teaching and the curriculum offered in order to respond to the needs of the individual learners. 

We want our learners to enjoy and to be engaged with the process of learning. We hope that through different learning styles, our learners will relate what they learn to their own experience - so that what they learn becomes their own. All our lessons are child-centred and skills-focused.

We believe that home-from-home schooling is very important and we always encourage strong links between Learn4Life and home.




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