Early Years Group - 5 to 7 year olds

Lower Years Group - 7 to 10 year olds

Middle Years Educational Programme - 10 to 13 year olds

Within each group there is differentiation and personalised learning. There is also ability grouping - where our learners work with students of a similar ability level as opposed to placement on age. All our groups are small. The list of subjects included in the Middle Years Educational Programme and Lower Years Group include: Learning the fundamental skills needed in Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Comprehension (which will include plenty of games for our lower years group); Learning for Life and Work (Local and Global Citizenship); Personal Development; Mathematics (both practical and written) - Numeracy and Artful Maths; Developing comprehension skills through environment and society (Geography and History) based factsheets; The Arts - Art and Design, Drama and possibly singing (optional).

5 & 6 year olds - Being five with us at the Mansion is an exciting time. Lessons are informal and taught through nature explorations, discovery and read alouds. We cater for different needs and abilities and encourage peer learning which is a good way for children to find out more about themselves and helps to develop creativity and self-motivation.Our morning sessions begin at 9:15 am with a peer group activity and circle time. During the course of the morning our sessions are based around number work and phonetic reading as well as live texts. We also include story telling, a visit to the garden (just outside the classroom) and materials to stimulate imaginative play. All sessions are conducted by qualified educators. There is an emphasis on learning in small groups, allowing for individual attention. Our afternoon sessions include doing activities such as letter work, projects, drawing, painting, handicrafts, collage, puzzles and memory games.  Again there is a high ratio of staff to pupils. These sessions are less structured than the morning, but provide a wide variety of activities. Other activities include: Using brightly coloured crayons, children recreate images/objects from their nature walk or an idea from a fairy story [on large pieces of paper] - letting their imagination flourish! Fostering our love of language through rhymes and songs; Clapping and counting; Creative play; Construction... & story-telling. And where applicable worksheets are used to reinforce the learning of the practical elements. The rhythm of the year and the seasonal festivals play an important part of the afternoon; as do the senses.

7 - 13 year olds - We teach Maths concepts in a hands on and practical life-related way that assures understanding. We teach children how to solve problems, modelling mathematical problems with visual aids and colourful resources. We make maths tasks relevant by turning everyday life into a Maths conversation. Our Language Arts Workshops see us cover skills in an interesting and living way that encourages a love of learning through learning, reading, speaking and writing. Our students are involved in active learning. Active Learning means engaging with material, participating and collaborating with each other. We don't expect our students to simply listen and memorize. Instead they help demonstrate a process, analyse a problem or a debate.... apply a concept to a real-world situation. Our 10 - 13 year olds also benefit from our "Learning for Life and Work" programme. Further coverage of the topics we explore - with both groups - can be found on our "Learn4Life Beyond" page. 

We cater for different needs and abilities and encourage peer learning which is a good way for children to find out more about themselves and helps to develop creativity and self-motivation.

Inspired by the methods of Charlotte Mason -
1) Our style of lessons is short.
2) We use living books with great illustrations.
3) We teach children to think and express themselves clearly.
4) We will be introducing music and art appreciation into some of our sessions.
5) We use the natural surroundings to enhance our teaching and learning.

All our students are unique individuals with their own hopes, talents, anxieties, fears, aspirations and passions.
1) Goals are broken down into realistic steps.
2) We encourage children to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways - explaining their thinking out loud, through drawing a picture or even building a physical model.
3) We build confidence by viewing mistakes as valuable to learning.
4) We praise children for effort, explanations and perseverance.
5) We make learning fun!


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