"Assessment is more than just about grades - it's about our children's future. The right approach can drive them to excel , and it begins with minfulness". [WABISABI LEARNING]

Mindful Assessment

We use a learner-centred approach - placing focus on constantly adjusting our teaching and feedback , to ensure our learners are improving constantly.

"Our thinking about what it means to teach must be framed as a response to learning , with assessment as the method through which the learner understands how to improve. We should not see learning as the outcome of teaching , but rather allow teaching to become a mindful response to learning" - from Mindful Assessment; WABISABI LEARNING

We are currently implementing ideas taken from Waisabi Learning and using them as part of our daily teaching and assessment. 

At the beginning , during and after a new topic we analyse a learner's understanding by looking at:

  • A learner's current knowledge, attitudes, and skills about the subject matter
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles
  • And if there is a need for further, or extra assistance

This approach lets us modify our instruction to be more effective in the future. We also use other methods from the Waisabi Learning website including: Strategic Questioning ; Think-Pair-Share and 3-2-1- Countdown. I like 3-2-1 Countdown. It's where our learners are asked for:

  • 3 things they didn't know before
  • 2 things that surprised them about the topic
  • 1 thing they want to start doing with what they've learned

Link: WAISABI LEARNING - 10 Innovative Formative Assessment Examples for Teachers to Know

Celebrating Success

Last October we opened our doors at East Court Mansion. Whilst some of our learners came in strong and confident, feeling like they were ready to face just about anything, others were excited with the added ingredient of feeling slightly anxious, many were very curious but apprehensive at the same time and a couple felt a little nervous or sad, having left behind a familiar setting. It got me thinking how change is part of our lives. We live in a constantly changing world. Change can be difficult. It can also be quite stressful at times. We learn so much of the important stuff in life just through living.

At Learn4Life we combine real-life situations with educational studies. We learn how to turn our anxieties into excitement, to think positively and to become resilient to change. But we also teach, it's not something you need to do overnight. Instead, we look on it as skills you can improve upon for the rest of your life.

Did you know that the most popular favourite number is 7. That might be because 7 is "arithmetically unique". It's the only number below 10 you can't multiply or divide and keep within group. For example, 5 you can multiply by 2 to get 10 (still within the 1-10 group), 6 and 8 you can divide by 2. 7 also shows up a lot in human culture.

At Learn4Life every child is viewed as unique, but in the hustle and bustle of daily life how often do we stop to appreciate?

At Learn4Life, I so often observe...an environment where children are given choices; groups "thinking outside of the box"; teachers creating a real-world connection to what students are learning; someone scoring the perfect goal (during lunch-time play)... then wheeling away in delight and celebrating whilst others cheered loudly; a creation of beautiful, vibrant maths games; our teachers and students doing something completely out of the ordinary!; learning outdoors; pictures, charts, brightly coloured visual aids and "Be Mindful" posters; a lot of talking - excited raised voices; constant positive reinforcement; contagious teaching!; children not giving up, new friendships, an abundance of smiles and laughter... and lastly connectedness.

Every person has positive attributes, no matter who they are. Sometimes we forget to appreciate a person for his or her positive attributes. We asked our Learn4Lifers to list one positive thing about each of their "learnmates" - something that they are good at, something that impressed them or something good that they witnessed.

Determined, Encouraging, Delightful, Self-assured, Fair, Remarkable, Calm, Venturous, Respectful, Insightful, Energetic, Inventive, Balanced, Artistic, Talented,Authentic, Easy-going, Spirited, Motivated and UNIQUE.

All our students are unique individuals with their own hopes, talents, anxieties, fears, aspirations and passions.

We believe our PSHE educational programme will help your child to manage many of the most critical opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face growing up.

We aim to build self-confidence and frame learning in a positive way - going that extra mile with our learners. Drawing on our learners' interests early helps to tailor sessions, allowing the development of individual talents in a challenging environment where everyone can thrive regardless of their level. Our moto is to laugh a lot, have big dreams and to work hard.

We also aim to promote a growth mindset, trying to put an end to the dreaded "I can't do this!" Of course, mistakes can make us smarter and stronger. We love to celebrate success at Learn4Life!




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