Our goal is to develop happy, independent children who smile lots and who participate fully in Learn4Life's community life.


To provide pastoral care and core academic skills that will help all pupils to reach their full potential.

To cultivate a passion for learning.

To spread the word about the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle. To encourage everyone, regardless of ability, to participate individually and collectively.

To assure the well-being, joy, and safety of all of our pupils. 

To instil and develop characteristics in our pupils that will serve them long beyond Learn4Life, as well as to boost their confidence and mental health.

To raise children who have a kind attitude, are interested about the world and its people, and have a balanced outlook on life, allowing them to feel at ease with others.

To promote the fundamental principles of justice, tolerance, and respect for others in order to produce responsible citizens.


To be recognised nationwide as an establishment for home-educated learners, dedicated to providing a broad and interesting education in the key areas of Maths and English; within superb accommodation and hectares of Sussex parkland and woodland. Our learners have plenty of space and the time they need to complete their educational journey. We want to bring together the best of different curriculums in a comprehensive learning community; where students work hard (but at their own pace) to reach their full potential and are prepared for life in a globalised world. Aim for the best, be happy and be nice are our three fundamental beliefs which we hope our pupils will take into adulthood.


To enrich your homeschooling programme - integrating different learning styles and multiple intelligences can enhance children's strengths. Children benefit from learning a new skill using differing approaches.

To supplement your homeschooling programme - helping you challenge your gifted child, or offering support with a subject your child finds more challenging.

To complement your homeschooling programme - in subjects in which your child feels less comfortable. Some subjects don't come easily and become a barrier to moving forward.

To enhance your homeschooling programme across a transitional stage - As children grow parents often find themselves dealing with new educational obstacles.

And to assist. Do you have children at different stages of their learning journey? While home schooling creates extremely close bonds between siblings (something we have found); sometimes brothers and sisters struggle to study together for a whole variety of reasons which are often difficult to understand.

Or... is your homeschool dream just a reality because you work part-time? 


Through all relevant curricular opportunities, encourage spiritual, moral, social, and cultural growth, with a focus on problems relating to equality and diversity.

Reduce the use of homophobic words by pupils at Learn4Life.

Through direct teaching across the curriculum, eliminate bias and enhance knowledge of equality.

Reduce hostile attitudes and behaviour toward disabled and non-disabled students. To combat discrimination and increase understanding of individuals with disabilities.

To continue to build positive relationships amongst individuals within our learning community. 

To encourage cultural growth and awareness via a variety of activities both within and outside of the classroom.

To prevent prejudice-based bullying in regard to the protected characteristics specified in the Equality Act 2010.

To foster cultural understanding among Learn4Life's community's many ethnic groupings.

To assess how successfully Learn4Life offers equitable chances for all of its pupils on a regular basis.

To close the Maths and English achievement gap between boys and girls at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2.