Owing to the high standards we strive to maintain, we have moved to a 'payment in advance' system.

In the event of a long-term illness or a hospital stay, please contact us as soon as is possible. Obviously, under these circumstances, a pro-rata refund will be honoured.  

For learners attending one full day per week, the cost is £30.00 per week (1 day).

For learners attending two full days per week, the cost is £60.00 per week (2 days). 

What's Included

Up to 4 hours of lessons per day.

Up to 3 and a half hours of tutorials with an experienced tutor. 

A personal tutor assigned to each group (only 9 learners maximum in a group).

E.F.L.L. Programme

Personal Wellbeing Service - designated teaching assistant to support any learner struggling emotionally.  

Open Door Policy.