We are passionate about how children learn. Our aim is to nurture and cultivate our pupils, motivating and challenging them to fulfil their potential.


Learn4Life is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  We have several procedures in place that contribute to our safeguarding commitment.  We recognise that the welfare of the child is paramount, all children regardless of race, gender, religious belief, disability, age, sexual orientation, or identity have a right to equal protection from harm, but that some children are more vulnerable to harm because of their circumstances, prior experiences, communication needs or level of dependency.  As an organisation, we believe that no child or young person should experience abuse. As a result, we are committed to protecting all our Learn4Life members.  

Health and safety aspects of safeguarding children

Thorough risk assessments are carried out at Learn4life  with steps taken to minimise risks to health and safety. Before certain activities, parents and children may be made aware of a particular risk and of the steps to be taken to minimise those risks. Learn4Life keeps a record of all risk assessments.

During the working hours of Learn4Life sufficient adults are present at all times. If an injury should occur this enables one adult to deal with any emergency while another adult supervises the children not directly affected by the emergency. 


No photos are taken or published of any child attending an event or activity unless prior written permission is sought from a person with parental responsibility. If any person has any concerns regarding any person taking photos at an event or activity, that person should contact Learn4Life immediately.

Enrolling your child at Learn4Life

All children must be enrolled by a responsible adult before being left at Learn4Life. The adult must complete a Learn4Life registration form which includes: the child's name, age and address and the names and addresses of the child's parents/carers, plus the parents/carers’ mobile telephone numbers.

Our most important policies are listed below and can be downloaded using the links provided.