Need to Know Day to Day

In Times of Sickness


We will require you to fill out a form showing if your child has any health histories, allergies and specific health issues. Please talk to a member of our team if your child needs to self medicate with inhalers or if they require any other medication during the day. All medication, including inhalers and epi-pens, must be placed in a clear airtight container, clearly labelled with your child's name. We keep all medications securely on the premises.


We will notify immediately parents and guardians of any illness, injuries or accidents.

Not every illness needs to keep your child off, but if you do need to keep them away, please inform us by telephone on 07460 302932 or by email:

We are all able to use common sense when deciding whether someone is too ill to attend but if in doubt, we have put together a simple guide.

  1. Cough and cold accompanied by a raised temperature and shivers and/or drowsiness [24 hours].
  2. Raised temperature [24 hours].
  3. Rash - check with GP or Practice Nurse.
  4. Severe headache accompanied by a raised temperature or drowsiness - consult your GP.
  5. Vomiting and/or diarrhoea - 48 hours after symptoms have gone (see NHS website).
  6. Chicken Pox - see NHS website.

Medical Appointments and Leave of Absence

Please contact us by telephone on 07460 302932 or by email:


All learners must be suitably dressed in home clothes.

Inside the classroom

  • Warm comfortable layers are preferable.
  • T-shirts and sweaters must be without pictures and logos.
  • Trousers must not appear ripped or frayed.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • All jewelry and nail varnish should be removed.


  • Shoes must be well-fitted - laced, buckled or velcro fastened.
  • Closed-toe.
  • No heels or flip-flops please.
  • We may require your child to wear Wellington boots for outdoor activities.

Outside the classroom

  • Warm hat and gloves (Winter months only)
  • Light cotton sun hat (Summer months only)
  • A warm, waterproof is essential.
  • Wellington Boots (please also provide a pair of shoes for inside the classroom)
  • Your child must cover their shoulders during the summer months.

All clothes and boots must be clearly labelled.

Snacks and lunch

Learn4Life encourages parents and guardians to send a balanced, healthy packed lunch and snack. As we are aware, children these days have allergic reactions to many types of foods and Learn4Life, therefore, require that parents and guardians do not include the following ingredients in their snack and lunch boxes:

  • Nuts of any type, including processed foods containing nuts.
  • Any other food which is notified by the school as placing pupils at risk of anaphylactic shock.

Learn4Life also recognises that some children suffer from food intolerances that are not necessarily life-threatening but can cause significant health issues. Where necessary, provision will be made to resolve issues related to pupils with eating intolerances.

All learners will require two separate boxes, clearly marked, one for their snack and one for lunch. We require that all grapes are cut into halves (length ways). 

What happens if your child forgets their packed lunch? This happens most often because packed lunch boxes have been left behind at home or in the car. When this happens, staff will try to contact parents and guardians to see if they can drop off the packed lunch. Otherwise, your child will be provided with a selection of fruit unless specifically advised to the contrary.

Supervision outside the classroom

Learn4Life will supervise the safe arrival and departure of its learners at the start and end of the day. Parents and guardians will, however, retain responsibility for their child until that time, even though the child may be on the premises of Learn4Life.

In the unlikely event we have problems, we will contact you by text, email or phone. Please tell us how you would prefer to be contacted on our registration form.