At Learn4Life our aim is to prepare all children for the realities of life and the workplace.

We strive to provide curriculum pathways suitable for all our learners.

We are constantly discussing what we should teach and evaluating the impact of what we have taught before.

We continue to develop our PSHE enrichment curriculum – as more than just having a knowledge-rich overview.

We know we need to get deeper into the details about our youngest learners, knowing more about the genuine issues in our world.

We base our curriculum on teaching content which is applicable to our community ; empowering our learners and setting them off into the big, wide world with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

The sociologist Pierre Bourdieu proposed that we base a large part of our knowledge on interactions in our daily lives. Much of a child’s education, therefore , remains outside of the school gates, as they spend the vast majority of their time outside of school – their episodic experiences, not just the semantic knowledge they develop in school; building links with the larger community are therefore very important.

Achieving Mastery - Succeeding in Maths

We use blocks of work that offer rigorous pedagogy, progression, and consistent development of Maths. We employ approaches that help our learners to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding - at each stage of their learning, equipping them to move on confidently and securely to more advanced material. Through these blocks of works - we include teaching powerpoints , problem-solving and investigative activities, and reasoning questions. 

English workshops - to inspire

We ground our approach in a belief that it is vital that we encourage children to read and write with competence and confidence while facilitating their desire to do so. We include stimulating texts and ongoing real-world problems and morals - linking our classroom to the larger world. We scaffold each unit on top of the previous; using previously learned material in order to teach new materials. Our resources cover all aspects of English and we tailor our lessons to our learners. 

Applying skills across subject areas

Our cross-curricular creative projects engage children in active learning with meaningful outcomes. We either use a whole topic throughout a half term or term or choose just one block on a particular aspect of a topic or select sessions covering specific elements of a topic - depending on the age and ability of each of our learners. Within each topic, we adapt outcomes and delivery methods depending on our learners.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Taking the learning outside is a powerful and engaging tool. Our 'Learning Outside the Classroom' programme of study helps to enrich our learners educational experience by showing them real-life applications of theories. Our outside classroom provides glorious views of the countryside and plenty of learning opportunities. Here, we really bring learning to life - making learning relevant, nurturing creativity and imagination, and developing learning through experimentation.

Our curricular led outdoor learning activities include topics based around -  measuring, big space fractions , 2D to 3D shapes, clock faces, A to Z creative literacy tasks, active maths, seed dispersal, autumn leaves [poems and artwork] , global homes, modelling of atomic structures, microclimates, natural expressions, interactive timelines, interdependence in food webs, hibernation and sorting and classifying. 

All activities aim to develop team skills and spatial awareness.