"The birds are chirping , as dawn is breaking , a new day here we've got , and with it it brings , new chances , exciting challenges , opportunities to discover , no one can hinder. A new hope , that my dreams I'll achieve , a new chance for me to be what I want , flying like an eagle... no limits , even the sky can't be , Yes , its a BRAND NEW DAY"

[Gataua Karanja]

Learn4Life Beyond - Teaching the Curriculum of the Future... not the past.
Problem-solving , creative thinking and collaboration.
At Learn4Life our aim is to prepare all children for the realities of life and the workplace. At present ,  we are building a curriculum that we would like to see as ‘future-proof’. So what does this look like?
  • We strive to provide curriculum pathways suitable for all our learners.
  • We are constantly discussing what information should be taught on the curriculum and evaluating the impact of what has been taught before.
  • We continue to develop our PSHE enrichment curriculum – as more than just having a knowledge-rich overview.
  • We know we need to get deeper into the details about our young learners knowing more about the real issues in our world.
  • Our curriculum is based on teaching content which is applicable to our community ; empowering our learners and setting them off into the big , wide world with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.
The sociologist Pierre Bourdieu proposed that a large part of our knowledge is based on interactions in our daily lives. Much of a child’s education , therefore , remains largely outside of the school gates , as they spend the vast majority of their time outside of school – their episodic experiences , not just the semantic knowledge they develop in school ; building links with the larger community is therefore very important.
Achieving Mastery - Succeeding in Maths
We use blocks of work which offer rigorous pedagogy , progression and consistent development of Maths. We employ approaches that help our learners to develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding - at each stage of their learning - equipping them to move on confidently and securely to more advanced material. Through these blocks of works - we include teaching powerpoints , problem-solving and investigative activities and reasoning questions. 
English workshops - to inspire
Our approach is grounded in our belief that it is vital that we encourage children to read and teach them to write with competence and confidence , while facilitating their desire to do so. We include stimulating texts and ongoing real world problems and morals - linking our classroom to the larger world. Each unit is scaffolded on top of the previous ; we use previous learned material in order to teach new materials. Our resources cover all aspects of English and we tailor our lessons to our learners. 
Applying skills across subject areas
Our cross-curricular creative projects are designed to engage children in active learning with meaningful outcomes. We either use a whole topic throughout a half term or term, or choose just one block on a particular aspect of a topic, or select sessions covering specific elements of a topic - depending on the age and ability of each of our learners. Within each topic , outcomes and delivery methods are adapted depending on our learners.
We use blocks from the Hamilton Trust topics to inspire and enhance our learning at Learn4Life.
[Text from their website has been used - in places - below].  
The aim of this topic is to help children express their emotions , feelings , aspirations , skills and attributes using interactive resources and thinking skills tasks. They will develop emotional intelligence and the ability to articulate their feelings in order to maintain good mental health as well as understanding the importance of their physical health and being healthy.
 This topic is supported by our assembly programme and values of the week - which tie in to key themes throughout the year.
- including discovering significant events through the lens of festivals and anniversaries
This topic crosses subject boundaries - allowing for investigations that engage children's imagination and encourage active enquiry. There are also opportunities for fostering personal development. History provides an ideal context for extending literacy , in speaking , listening , reading and writing. 
Chronology plays a key role here - as well as a more in depth look at a specific period of British History and an overview of early world civilisation in comparison to contemporary Britain.
For our younger learners , they will learn historical concepts and vocabulary by exploring how life has changed and develop a chronology of domestic life , clothes , transport , communication , toys , books , food and music. 
This topic will help your child to develop simple map reading skills and recognise places in their local area. They will then explore what it means to be British and look at British Values , our Four Nations and then research either: Seasides , mountains , rivers and canals or castles within Britain. Time is also be spent on building their knowledge of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the U.K.
We will then look further afield identifying continents , countries on a map of the world (as well as the discovery of oceans and seas) and enjoy quizzing our peers on capital cities of countries and their flags. Here we remind children that maps show what the world looks like from above and how they are very useful because they give information and show where places are. Gaining cultural knowledge of a chosen country - where our explorers will be given the opportunity to compare people and places with their own community / local area will encourage our learners to become world-wide Geography Geeks!
The aim of this topic is to inspire our learners to recycle and engage with environmental issues using a range of Eco , recycling and Environment resources. This topic will also look at endangered animals , plastic pollution and Fairtrade.
For our older learners , they will go on to gain a better understanding of the water cycle , learn about life in an earthquake zone and create a poster on climate zones and biomes. 
Rich and rigorous - our real-world mini topics are centred around "exploring together." Our learners will be given significant problems with a real-world connection to tackle - owning them from start to finish. Not only will they focus on solutions, but they will be given the opportunity to use creativity and innovation.  Above all , our learners will be making meaningful interactions with each other as they work together to solve problems that matter. It all starts with constructive and lively discussions that let opinions be shared and voices be heard.
Our mini topics include:
What qualities do we need in a potential world leader that we've never had before?
What alternate sources of energy might we need to turn to , and how can we provide them?
How can we help people struggling in underprivileged regions of the world lead better lives?
Does our technology connect us more , or isolate us more? Why do we feel this way?
These sessions include classroom debates , persuasive writing exercises , polls , collaborative discussions. 
Our learners  will be inspired by the work of famous artists to create their own original compositions. We will use engaging resources to teach our learners about famous artists from Roy Lichtenstein to Georgia O'Keeffe and Van Gogh.
For our older learners , this will include work on perspective and artful maths. Our teachers will give our learners plenty of tips and inspiration! Through a variety of activities , our learners will find different ways in which to challenge themselves and move their level of understanding forward including creating a collage entitled "What's inside my head" - a topic aimed to explore our learners creative imagination , inner artistic identity and voice. They will experiment with self portraits , explore the world around them, and express themselves through different mediums. 
As part of this project , our younger learners will enjoy a mini topic based around animals and will look at real animals - inspiring more creative cross-curricular learning activities , which will include work on patterns and textures ; they will then go on to discover the world of mythical and fantastical animals and create their own imagined animal. 
Further learning for both our younger and middle learners will include creating their own superhero comic book - which will include focussing on themselves as superheroes. This provides a great link with Literacy and discussion on what superheroes can show us about humanity. 
Our learners find science extremely inspiring and interesting. Science instils a sense of intrigue and enables children to develop understanding and form questions based both on the knowledge they already have and the insight they wish to gain in the future. Throughout our topics , our learners will develop a stronger ability to think critically. Topics include:
Becoming an inventor and everyday materials
Living things and their habitats
Sound, light and colour
Earth and Space
Learning Outside the Classroom
Taking the learning outside is a powerful and engaging tool. Our "Learning Outside the Classroom" programme of study helps to enrich our learners educational experience by showing them real-life applications of theories. Our outside classroom provides glorious views of the countryside and plenty of learning opportunities. Here , we really bring learning to life - making learning relevant , nurturing creativity and imagination and developing learning through experimentation.
Our curricular led outdoor learning activities include topics based around -  
measuring , big space fractions , 2D to 3D shapes , clock faces , A to Z creative literacy tasks , active maths, seed dispersal , autumn leaves [ poems and artwork ] , global homes , modelling of atomic structures , microclimates , natural expressions , interactive timelines , interdependence in food webs , hibernation and sorting and classifying. 
All activities aim to develop team skills and spatial awareness.

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