History of a Mansion

We are most fortunate to have our setting based at East Court Mansion, a historic manor house in West Sussex. East Court Mansion was once a private house, erected in 1769 for a gentleman called John Cranston, a lawyer of Scottish origin. The Mansion's once private estate is now open to the public and has marked pathways. Wikipedia states 'The Greenwich Meridian runs through the grounds of the historic 1769 East Court mansion, home of the Town Council, giving the visitor an opportunity to stand with a foot in both the east and west. The mansion stands in a parkland setting. In 1968 the East Grinstead Society was founded as an independent body both to protect the historically important buildings of East Grinstead (and its environs) and to improve the amenities for future generations' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prime_meridian_(Greenwich)). In January 2020, a group of enthusiastic 10- and 11-year-olds from Learn4Life explored the grounds as part of their literacy lesson; it turned out to be a great stimulus for their creative writing. They were told that they could take their story to wherever they wanted, and that's exactly what they did! 





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