Owing to the high standards we strive to maintain, it will be necessary for us to move to a 'payment in advance' system. In the event of a long-term illness or a hospital stay, please contact us as soon as is possible. Obviously, under these circumstances, a pro-rata refund will be honoured.  
For learners attending one full day per week, the cost is £33.00 per week (1 day).
For learners attending two full days per week, the cost is £66.00 per week (2 days). 
What's Included
Up to 4 hours of lessons per day.
Up to 3 and a half hours of tutorials with an experienced tutor. 
A personal tutor assigned to each group (only 9 learners maximum in a group).
Personal mentoring when required.
E.F.L.L. Coaching.
Personal Wellbeing Service - designated teacher there to support any learners struggling. 
Pastoral and Safeguarding Officer.
Open Door Policy. 
1. Upon registration, if a learner is aware of an upcoming absence, the learner should inform Learn4Life. Solutions Ltd at the time of registration. The number of lessons can only be adjusted at the time of registration.
2. As an alternative to paying your fees termly, we are delighted to advise that you can also opt to pay either half termly or monthly. However, all fees must be paid prior to classes beginning and not paid in arrears. 
3. If your child only attends one day per week and cannot attend on a particular day, we ask that you try to make up the lesson on another day. This, of course, will depend on availability. PLEASE NOTE: Learn4Life cannot provide refunds or credits for missed lessons. 
4. Lessons will continue term to term until appropriate written notice of withdrawal has been received. If a learner withdraws part way through a term, the term's charges remain payable in full. If you wish to cancel, notice must be given to either info@learn4life.solutions or in writing to our Registered Office: Albion Cottage, 41 Maypole Road, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex RH19 3QY.
5. We only offer full days.
Early Years Grants
Unfortunately we are not eligible for Early Years Grants.
Sibling Discounts
A remission on fees is available for families with two or more children at Learn4Life concurrently. For second and subsequent children who are being educated at Learn4Life simultaneously, the discount is 10% of the full fee.





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