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On Monday 23rd March 2020 we began to write the next chapter at Learn4Life. On this page you will find links to FREE education websites for children and relaxation ideas for all our community learners - to explore. Also books can take your child on an adventure , but they can also comfort them. Making time to read 15-20 minutes every day can improve their ability to focus and ultimately help them to be more productive!
We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing and continuity of your child's learning. 
Please check your MAILBOX for your Education package. Emails include two files attached.
- A short video, which describes the work to be done.
- A file with the worksheet(s)
It's easy to request your next educational package.
For Mrs Hollis' group and our youngest learners , simply send us an email giving Learn4Life
consent to forward your email address to Mrs Hollis - and she will send you and your child their next pack.
For our older learners , our Maths4Life instructional videos can be viewed here:
English Packs can be emailed to your INBOX upon request.
We are committed to helping your child even on days they do not attend Learn4Life.
For our Key Stage One learners - if you would like to take advantage of our educational packages ,
please email us to find out more. 
For our Key Stage Two learners , our Maths4Life instructional videos can be viewed here:
English Packs can be emailed to your INBOX upon request.
For our Keys Stage Three learners - MathsLearn has been created specifically to provide an extensive and ever growing range of free mathematical resources. There are also free printable resources to complement the Maths educational videos. 
English Packs can be emailed to your INBOX upon request. 
Listen to  "Multiplication Tables" and read the accompanying compressed worksheets - WORD ; PDF
Discover the online learning websites we have researched - to save you time - by exploring this page further. 
Today , there is a greater reliance on digital devices. We recommend that pupils try to spend no longer than three hours on a device each day. We have tried to make sure that our extended learning platform is balanced across a mixture of mediums.
100 best books (The Book Trust)
50 books all kids should read before they're 12 (Common Sense Media)
Audible books for free (Amazon)
(added during Lockdown)
Looking after your mental health (Mental Health Foundation)
Meditation guidance and resources (Headspace)
Supporting Daily Routines (Education Endowment Foundation)
Please email us on: - for any support you or your child may require.


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Find out what's going on in the world and nearer to home with stories, pictures and videos.

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Fun and free educational websites - from Science & Nature to Maths & Literacy. You can access some of the best websites for kids below. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW!

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Pick your brain with some of these cool websites to do when you are bored or need to relax. INSTANTLY BEAT BOREDOM BELOW!

Current Affairs
1. BBC NewsRound
- You can watch all of their special programmes online. Play all of their Newsround quizzes. Try out their huge range of quizzes from superheroes to volcanoes. Meet the reporters.
2.The Week Junior
- Try out some fun and exciting activities.
3. Twinkl NewsRoom
- Twinkl NewsRoom delivers a trusted feed of news for children, including the latest headlines, classroom-friendly reports, & ready-to-use curriculum resources.
4. NewsForkids
- Real News , Told Simply
1. BBC Bitesize
- a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content, podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on iplayer. You should also try out BBC Supermovers - helping children across the UK to get physically active with curriculum linked videos. 
2. ed
- Access thousands of National Curriculum aligned worksheets, assessments and revision materials in English, Maths and Science from Year 1 to GCSE.
3. Khan Academy
- Created by experts, Khan Academy’s library of trusted, standards-aligned practice and lessons covers math K-12 through early college, grammar, science, history, AP®, SAT®, and more. It’s all free for learners and teachers. 
4. Seneca Free Virtual Learning
- Free revision for your GCSE & A Level exams. Join over 3,500,000 students learning 2x faster across 250+ exam board specific A Level, GCSE & KS3 Courses. 
5. Younger children will love everything about Sesame Street's online home. They can watch hundreds of the show's video clips and play games that help them learn letters, animal sounds, rhymes, colors, and more. 
6. Scholastic is one of the more unique educational websites for kids. This site, from the publishers of the educational magazines you find in schools, contains activities organized by grade level. Kids from pre-K all the way up to high school can find learning activities geared toward them. 
Learn4Life Beyond
1. Tate Paint
- Paint like an artist in this painting game. Play cool free art games, digital painting, quizzes and puzzles on Tate Kids 
2. Play Chess
- Play online with friends, challenge the computer, join a club, solve puzzles, analyze your games, and learn from hundreds of video lessons. 
3. Space Scoop
- Discover more Astronomy. Inspiring a New Generation of Space Explorers.
4. Draw with Asia - COMING SOON
5. Be an Animator for the Day - COMING SOON
6. Babbel
- Speak the language like you have always wanted to!
7. The Online Piano Keyboard
- The online piano keyboard simulates a real piano keyboard with 88 keyboard keys.
8. Watch animal web cams, learn interesting animal facts, see and share photos of nature, learn about different countries, try science experiments, and much more on There's also a "Little Kids" section for the younger explorers in your home. 
9. When your child wants to know why the sky is blue, how a tornado forms, or who invented the Chia Pet, head on over to How Stuff Works. The articles answer questions about cars, culture, entertainment, science, money, technology, and more. Games, quizzes, and videos round out the learning experience. 
10. Meditation for Kids - Headspace- Teach your child the fundamentals of meditation with simple, fun breathing exercises. Available to all subscribers, kids (and their parents) can enjoy fun, engaging activities that teach them the basics of mindfulness. They’ll practice breathing exercises, visualizations and even try some focus-based meditation
11. The mathematical art of Escher -
12. Geography Map Games
- Explore the world with Geography Map Games.
Packs included on this page:
Art Pack - Sketching Prompts - Grab a piece of paper and let's draw!
Design & Technology Pack - Let us know how you get on with these!
1) Design your own paper airplane. You must then write a positive message on it, about something you would like to achieve.
2) Invent a practical, sensible and serious product that would help learners at Learn4Life.
RULES: no robots to do all your work - although a robot to hoover the carpet might be beneficial to Mrs Hollis.
3) Design a logo for your group at Learn4Life. This can be hand drawn using blank paper. It can be collection of individual pictures or one large picture. It must reflect how you see your role within the group. Be colourful and well designed.
4) Using shoes available, construct the tallest tower and take a photograph of your creation!
Why not join us for our weekly Google and Zoom meets - where we share interests and chat about the wider community.


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