Please be informed that what we write below is advice we received from the school from which we removed our daughters. None of the below is mandatory but is stated as a requirement in UK Government advice and which we were happy to follow. You can teach your child at home. We call this homeschooling. If you wish to de-register your child from their school, you can follow these guidelines: 1) Write to your head-teacher. They must accept you are taking your child out of school on a full-time basis; 2) Contact your local council/local elective home education team on They may ask you to send your local elective home education team the following information: Your home address; your telephone number; the name of your child and your child's date of birth. Once you have provided your local elective home education team with this information, they will send you an information pack.
Before you and your child join Learn4Life, we aim to establish: 1) That you have a clear understanding and are happy with what Learn4Life can offer you and your child(ren); 2) That we have informed you of everything you need to know; 3) That we believe we can meet your child's needs and that Learn4Life is the best place for them. We will try to accommodate the needs of any child, however, there may be some children whose needs, we cannot meet, based on resources and expertise. You can enter Learn4Life at any age between 5 and 13 years old and during any part of a term. We are now welcoming new children in all age groups.  We encourage you to visit Learn4Life for an informal chat and to meet our educators; at a time which best suits your schedule. This forms an important part of the admissions process, so comes highly recommended. A member of staff who will chat with you and your child about how best we can support you with your learning journey and how we can best meet your child's needs will greet you. They will also give you a brief tour of our premise. You will get to see our teachers in action! Please note, if preferred, we can chat with you over the phone.  If your child has any special educational needs, this is when we will discuss with you any adjustments that we can reasonably do to support your child.  We will then invite your child to join us. The first session is an important time for your child to begin building positive relationships with their future friends. This session also gives us a chance to determine your child's developmental stage.  We accept children with a wide range of abilities. We believe all children have individual needs. If you are happy that Learn4Life is the best learning opportunity for your child, we require you to complete an application form. In all cases, applicant parents must sign and return their Learn4Life application form before we permit their child to join.
If you are still considering whether Learn4Life is the best place for your child, please do contact us to find out how we can help you. We will help you through the process - every step of the way. We are a welcoming and warm environment and are very approachable, so please ask us anything! If you wish to make an appointment, please contact Learn4Life on 07599 456747 or at

Email us today on to make an appointment.