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A Warm Welcome from Learn4Life.

We are pleased to provide those visiting our site with information about our educational establishment. Good communication is very important to us. We are now welcoming new applicants.

All our sessions are led by trained and enthusiastic educators; who bring to each session... passion, commitment and care.

Learrn4Life.Solutions in Ashurst Wood, West Sussex, officially opened its doors September 2017.

We are a form of alternative schooling. We exist independently, with a curriculum tailored to your child's needs. If you want a compromise between full-time home-educating and full-time schooling, Learn4life may be the right place for your child.

We provide programmes of study, classes and workshops primarily in the core subjects of Maths, Language and Art  which are conducted by an outstanding team of tutors. Our sessions include small group learning, so that all our children receive the attention they need. Each of our young learners enjoy a "hands-on" experience with differentiated sessions.

Our workshops and classes are either taught through subjects or through a more relaxed natural thematic approach. At Learn4Life our aim is not to follow a routine framework, much the same as traditional schools do. We wish to educate the whole child, not just the mind, in a home-from-home environment, cultivating good habits and where children incorporate living and inspiring thoughts and ideas into conversations; and where we address their changing needs and develop in them a sense of responsibility for the world and for the people who inhabit it. Our academic approach is enriched through the arts, where possible.

At Learn4Life everyone is able to work at their own pace and in their own time. Emphasis is placed on fun and interactivity; promoting thinking. We understand that children have different learning and thinking styles as everyone is different – with different approaches to life that affect their learning.

Both our main educators have over 40 years of expertise between them. They have worked extensively in International Schools in the Far East and also closer to home in Europe.

We look forward to meeting you.


What We Offer

MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS - 09:15 - 14:15 - 4 - 13 year olds.

Come and enjoy our Maths, Language Arts and Artful Maths Sessions  on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.

Early Years Group - 5 & 6 year olds [Cranston Suite]

Lower Years Group - 7 to 9 year olds [Cranston Suite]

Middle Years Educational Programme - 10 to 13 year olds [Ante-room, Cranston Suite]

Within each group there is differentiation and personalised learning. There is also ability grouping - where our learners work with students of a similar ability level as opposed to placement on age. All our groups are small. We hope that the larger space for our Early Years Group and Lower Years Group leads to greater outcomes and a wider base in which to socialise.

The list of subjects included in the Middle Years Educational Programme and Lower Years Group include:

Learning the fundamental skills needed in Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Comprehension (which will include plenty of games for our lower years group).

Learning for Life and Work (Local and Global Citizenship) [Middle Years ONLY]

Personal Development

Mathematics (both practical and written) - Numeracy and Artful Maths

Developing comprehension skills through environment and society (Geography and History) based factsheets.

The Arts - Art and Design, Drama and possibly singing (optional)


5 & 6 year olds - Our morning sessions begin at 9:15 am with a peer group activity and circle time. During the course of the morning our sessions are based around number work and phonetic reading as well as live texts. We also include story telling, a visit to the garden (just outside the classroom) and materials to stimulate imaginative play. All sessions are conducted by qualified educators. There is an emphasis on learning in small groups, allowing for individual attention. Our afternoon sessions include doing activities such as letter work, projects, drawing, painting, handicrafts, collage, puzzles and memory games.  Again there is a high ratio of staff to pupils. These sessions are less structured than the morning, but provide a wide variety of activities.

7 - 13 year olds - We teach Maths concepts in a hands on and practical life-related way that assures understanding. We teach children how to solve problems, modelling mathematical problems with visual aids and colourful resources. We make maths tasks relevant by turning everyday life into a Maths conversation. Our Language Arts Workshops see us cover skills in an interesting and living way that encourages a love of learning through learning, reading, speaking and writing. Our students are involved in active learning. Active Learning means engaging with material, participating and collaborating with each other. We don't expect our students to simply listen and memorize. Instead they help demonstrate a process, analyse a problem or a debate.... apply a concept to a real-world situation.Our 10 - 13 year olds also benefit from our "Learning for Life and Work" programme.

£30 for the full day (9:15 am - 2:15 pm).  £18 for a morning ONLY. There is an option to drop-off your child at 9 am. We offer a 10% discount on second and subsequent siblings.

We cater for different needs and abilities and encourage peer learning which is a good way for children to find out more about themselves and helps to develop creativity and self-motivation.

Inspired by the methods of Charlotte Mason -
1) Our style of lessons is short.
2) We use living books with great illustrations.
3) We teach children to think and express themselves clearly.
4) We will be introducing music and art appreciation into some of our sessions.
5) We use the natural surroundings to enhance our teaching and learning.

All our students are unique individuals with their own hopes, talents, anxieties, fears, aspirations and passions.
1) Goals are broken down into realistic steps.
2) We encourage children to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways - explaining their thinking out loud, through drawing a picture or even building a physical model.
3) We build confidence by viewing mistakes as valuable to learning.
4) We praise children for effort, explanations and perseverance.
5) We make learning fun!


Open Mornings - Experience life with us.
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A tour of our learning centre is an important step you share with your child - so if you decide this is the best route for them - they will feel more comfortable by having already met our teachers and some of the students (East Court Mansion).

Imagine, observe, play, create, share, wonder...
Happy Faces

...and ask. With interactive and engaging sessions, we aim to provide a welcoming environment using small sized tutor groups in which the conditions for learning are ever-present. We aim to build self-confidence and frame learning in a positive way.

Going that extra mile with our students.
Achieve and Believe

Drawing on our learners' interests early, helps to tailor sessions, allowing the development of individual talents in a challenging environment where everyone can thrive regardless of their level, laugh a lot, have big dreams and work hard.

Dare to dream - create an impossible goal...
Resilient Minds

...and discover the possibilities. We aim to promote a growth mindset, trying to put an end to the dreaded "I can't do this!" Of course, mistakes can make us smarter and stronger. We love to celebrate success here at Learn4Life (East Court Mansion).

Learn4Life: East Court, College Ln, East Grinstead RH19 3LT
Registered Office:Albion Cottage, 41 Maypole Road, Ashurst Wood, West Sussex RH19 3QY
United Kingdom